Company Profile

OPC Technology Japan Pvt Ltd incorporated in 2001 at national capital region of India called Greater Noida. We Specializes in Manufacturing of OPC drums for use in Different brands of Photo Copiers and Printers. We are the forth company in the world to take up the manufacturing of OPC Drums ,ranges diameters 24 mm to 120 mm. Having started with Just with manufacturing of 4 OPC drums for photo copier in beginning, a manufacturing experience of 8 Years and past experience of 25 years in copier industry has instilled a culture of continuous research development at our works resulting now we are currently manufacturing OPC Drums which can be used in 196 different models/types of photo copiers and printers. Now with two running production lines ( Line 1 – Machinery imported from Nippon , Shizai, Japan and Line 2 machinery imported from Korea ) our monthly production capacity have has increased to 2, 00,000 OPC Drums.

With arduous efforts and remarkable innovation in the last eight years OPC Technology has grown in a stature and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad too. We are into online control from raw material selection to finished goods. While looking at Technical specification in machinery, we are using all imported machinery to produce OPC Drum. We have imported CNC Machine – Computerized Pneumatic Control, Designed by EGURO – which is used for Tube finishing and chamfering of different size of aluminum tubes. For Quality Testing – we have imported QEA, DMS – 10, Densitometer from Japan which is used for checking of electrical properties and image density of the drums. Strong Technical Strength drives the development of OPC Technology. To manufacture this precision product special infrastructure has been created at or works as dust free, temperature controlled & humidity controlled environment through out the manufacturing process.

The equipment installed here is geared to match the technological advancements and the futuristic changes in the manufacturing of OPC Drums. The Dependable Japanese Collaborative connection makes OPC Technology Japan the fourth Company in the world to manufacture OPC Drums ( 24 mm – 120 mm ) other than OEM’s. This clearly positions OPC Technology Japan as a global leader with the capacities and the capabilities to match the needs of a global market. The endeavor is to produce nothing but the best and it is highlighted not only in the technologies and research process deployed by us, but also in designing and development of our manufacturing infrastructure.

The OPC Drums is in fact a hard working, quality assuring end as a typical laser cartridge of a photo copier mechanism .OPC Drums are built to sustain extensive wear and tear as well as technology obsolescence. The OPC Drums are produced with special wear resistant materials that help copiers generate more volume without going for expensive upgrades as in the case of OEM Products. This special coating makes the OPC Drums manufactured by OPC Technology Japan more versatile, and generates larger volume of copies. Not only do these drums prolong the life of a copier or a printer, they also lead to better value and trouble free operation at the customer’s end.

The manufacture of precision products like the OPC Drum requires special dust free and temperature controlled environments. At OPC Technology Japan , special care is taken to ensure CLASS 100 environment standards throughout the plant .From special handling suits to air – flow machines , the emphasis is on creating a quality working environment that leads to a flawless product .The Product is checked at every stage of its manufacture after every coating for uniformity. The raw stock is imported from Japan to ensure that international quality parameters are met. Aging tests are carried out on special machines for consistency of image reproduction over a period of time. This assures the end user of consistent and trouble free operation. Quality products need quality minds behind them. OPC Technology Japan employs people who carry he required experience and expertise to produce quality products.

The promoters of the company have over 28 years of experience in the field of Copiers. Their experiences helps the organization move in the right direction and develop the right vision towards new technologies being introduced in OPC drums manufacturing .The entire process and quality control measures in our state – of - the – art manufacturing plant have been designed and implemented by Japanese specialists. In order to ensure consistency of production processes OPC Technology Japan also uses the services of Japanese technologists who work along with local teams, imparting training and ensuring consistent quality practices. These aspects make OPC Technology Japan global player , with the potential to make substantial difference in the Global OPC market.

Aiming at International markets, OPC Technology has spread its products in over 30 countries and regions Like USA, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, and China etc. We are focusing Middle East, Far East markets to market our product. In Order to realize the strategic objectives, meet various challenges and raise competitiveness of the enterprise, OPC will make efforts to hold the pulse of the market, concentrate the development of new products, upgrade the technology and introduce new products continually.

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